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'Akia is a firestorm of a leader and passionate mentor that supports and builds strong businesses"

I've learned that the hard way that "No man is an island."  Knowing what steps to take next on your journey towards growth and greatness are not common sense.  That is why I will
work with you to help you get clear on where you see your business, get productive and
then get results by illuminating the cracks as well as the bold steps that will fix them. 
I understand your journey and am just as invested in your win as you are.    Your determination coupled with my sales and marketing skillset as will give you
the advantage you need to expand your business and dominate your market.



Akia, a Bronx native and the product of a single-parent household has not let the concrete jungle dim her light. She was an intelligent girl with an inquisitive mind anyway.  As a teen, Akia acquired a ton of life lessons as an activist for the under-served and under-heard.  Ironically, this is the same group she serves today.  She went on to pursue a collegiate education at Wilmington University and studied Business Management and Information Technology.  It was this education that laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Akia then went on to receive her coach training with The Coach Training Academy and received NLP training through the iNLP.  


Throughout her professional career, Akia has held many titles including stockbroker to high net worth clients near NYC's Wall Street and the esteemed position of Certified Financial Planner or CFP. She has worked for many well-known and respected companies including Citibank, JPMorgan, Apple, Google, and Microsoft.  Today she is a very ambitious entrepreneur that has owned 8+ companies and acted in a business coaching and on a consulting basis for 5 others. These unique experiences have helped shape Akia into the dynamic, powerful, and inspirational woman she is today. 


Her business, Akia Taylor Coaching was officially born in 2015 after unofficially coaching many businesses since 2001.  Akia now serves as a Certified Business Coach that certifies other coaches and leaders that own businesses.  She coaches and consults women and people of color who own businesses through branding, social media marketing, email marketing, building packages, package pricing, budgeting, target markets, target audiences, confident sales conversations, broadening their networks, and more.  As a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and trainer Akia also does work on mindset using various modalities and sub-modalities in an effort to help her clients get out of their own way allowing them to court and achieve success. 


Akia is a member of the well-respected Certified Coaches Alliance as well as the International Coach Federation.  Her business operates under the ethical guidelines and moral standards set by both allowing her clients ease, confidence and trust in their coaching partnerships.  She is also the Director of the Black CEO book Club, a Huffington Post Contributor a Public Speaker, and the former president of her Toastmasters Club.

Akia built her vision brick by brick and acquired life lessons along the way.   Her desire to win for both herself and those around her as well as the love and support of her family keep her reaching higher and higher. 

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