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"Akia has a passionate speaking style that is genuine, authentic, informative and REAL"

From Toastmasters to keynotes, Akia has studied the art of public speaking alongside some of the best in the business.  She delivers with passion and empowerment.  You can hear her speak for her book club review Monday through Friday on the BlackCEO morning show.   You will truly learn from and enjoy the commentary. 



​Let's face it.  There are somethings we just know how to do and then there is business!  

Listen as Akia helps to provide clarity and guidance for you as you create a plan for your passion and ultimately, for your success.







Sales professionals are looking for an advantage over their competition. In this program, Akia drives that the real advantage in sales closing is to master conversation and to be purposeful in your wording.  She uses personal as well as professional stories to demonstrate how easy this is and how often we blow it with a few simple words. This talk will help you or your sales team build genuine relationships and confidence in their ability to connect and close deals.  It will also help them to:

Be more productive
Be more personable
Present ideas more effectively
Think outside the box
And much more…..



There is always a business operating behind your business.  The business behind your business can be so important that your actual dream business may never take flight if it is not handled properly.  In order to get your dream business off the group you need to become familiar with and learn how to master the five pillars.

1. Mindset - you must learn to the tools to prepare you for success

2. Time Management - poor time management leads to poor productivity  

3.Branding - what are you marketing?  who are you?

4. Marketing - you will decide who you want to sell to.  Based on this decision, you will decide how to reach them.

5. Sales - sealing the deal.  


Success starts in your  mind.  The ability to identify your limiting beliefs is a tool that  will fuel your ability to DESTROY any self imposed glass ceiling your erect.  You have to be able to see and dream of your plan before you can execute it.

1. Identify limiting beliefs

2. Work on overcoming the beliefs identified

3. Learn how to create a plan for execution

4. Discover how to execute your plan
5. Manage Your Time






Akia speaks directly to the hearts of people who want to overcome mindset, time management, branding, sales and marketing obstacles in their businesses.  She shares tips and tools that will support her audience. Listening to her voice is  truly a learning experience.  She also reveals her own personal story and how she overcame situations, people and even her own mind to become successful in her business and she shares how you can too.


Additional Keynote / Workshop Topics

  • Taboo Words - Stop repelling sales

  • Plan Your Wealth 

  • Make Your Message Irresistible 

  • Learn to Maximize Your Time

Akia also speaks on personal topics including Domestic Violence


Don’t see the topic you need?  

Akia will create a custom topic/presentation to fit the needs of your audience or event. 

Contact us and we will make it happen.




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The Wealthy Mind

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"Turn Your Spark Into An Inferno"

Learn, Grow, Be Empowered and Overcome

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