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'Rod is a lifesaver, tech genius and the ultimate professional whose skills support and build businesses."

"He does an absofrigginlutely phenomenal job.  Detailed professional reporting of services rendered and keeps you up to date while in process.  He is getting my tech life in order for sure.  I am happy to be his client."

-Marcia Whyte





Rodrigues, a Bronx resident and the product of a single parent household but has not let the concrete jungle stop his growth. 


He spent most of time around technology and began his quest for mastery. He learned how to plug in, connect the attachments and did surgery on the inner cords and workings of his Playstation 2 to play video games... at the age of 2. It was that same love for video games that eventually fueled his loved for all technology and then an intense interest in coding. 

He learned first hand how to support phones, tablets and computers from the likes of his teachers and mentors . Specifically, he gained experience as he learned under technology giants Apple, Google and Microsoft.   This interest and exceptional skill eventually resulted in interest in him from programs all over the NYC area at the age of 11.  He caught the attention of  STEM( Science, Technology,  Engineering, Math) programs and quickly became the top performer outshining EVERYONE.  He even out performed his instructors according to the program directors.  He participated in those programs for several years before he eventually out grew them and felt he wanted to take his talent to another level...entrepreneurship.


He launched his business at age 16 where he designs websites, maintains customer relationship management systems (CRM),  creates sales pages, builds sales funnels and of course, codes. His desire to win for both himself and those around him, as well as the love and support of his family, keep him reaching higher and higher.  He is absolutely clear that the sky is his limit.  Yours too.

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I look forward to supporting your growth

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