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Certified Business Coach and Certified NLP Trainer


"I help you get your business seen in your target market so that you can live the life of your dreams"

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A Spark Optimizers' Marketing Manifesto

The decision to Optimize Your Spark is made by a NEW BREED OF ENTREPRENEUR.  One that is SMARTER, LEANER AND FASTER.


  • Spark Optimizers wage war against being captive as an employee, living a life rooted in discontent and playing small. 

  • Spark Optimizers aren't focused on selling services. Their focus is on serving the public, providing SOLUTIONS and changing lives.

  • A Spark Optimizer creates value in the marketplace and puts ethics and integrity before numbers.

  • Spark Optimizers no longer ask permission to walk in their power because they own their greatness.  

  • Spark Optimizers have learned from the school of hard knocks that they have all the tools they need to make a difference. 

Spark Optimizers...

Create their own rules

Write their own story

Build their own empires

Change the world


Spark Optimizers are motivated because they are committed to turning their spark into an inferno.


Dr. Malikah Murphy
Toni Taylor
Dr. Ruben West

My Clients Thoughts


John-Leslie Brown
Nakia P. Evans
Shanelle Johnson
Spend time sharing your vision with me. I will honor you with a solution based plan that is designed for your success.
Discovery Call
45 min

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 Let's plan a marketing WIN.

"You don't have to be great to get started.  But you do have to get started to be great."

Are you ready to WIN!!

Let's turn your spark into an inferno

.through POWERFUL marketing training  

You are a  FIRESTORM!!

By maximizing your own strengths I will improve your clarity and your focus and ultimately your marketing which results in MORE CASH.  As a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) I will guide you through identifying what blocks are holding you back so that you can show up in your market in they way we both know that you can.  

Did you know:


80% of success is your strategy

20% of success is follow through

Clients tend to have increased success (around 88%) with a coach​


Success is not all about resources, it is about resourcefulness.



Coaching is a tool used by CEOs like you who are serious about igniting success and living the life of your dreams.   As we work together we will progressively work towards your marketing goals. 


You will FINALLY begin seeing real results in your progress in your market presence. 


"Turn Your Spark into an Inferno."

Akia Taylor Premium 1:1 Coaching

Akia Taylor Certified Coaching Services

 The Academy of Coach Certification


Optimize Your Spark Online Courses 

The Academy of Coach Certification is intensive and challenging because there are no silver bullets to learning.  Running a business that you can be proud of takes enormous focus, courage, and tenacity. Most of all, it takes consistent action. learning, and a willingness to go the distance. 


ACC is for the doers and change makers who want to use people skills to run a business that cares about people and that matters.


People just like YOU!!


1. Mindset

2.Time Management

3. Branding

4. Marketing

5. Sales

With this Premium 1:1  or Group Coaching Track you will learn all the tools you will need in order to turn up the heat and the growth in your business.


Get more clarity.  Get more clients.  Get more money.     

Let's win together!!!

Your burning passion for your business doesn't close the sale or get you noticed, skill does.   

Learn the tools you need in order to get in front of your clients and to navigate through your sales conversations, become a closer and build profit.

Get seen and master the sale with these Learning Tracks.

Learn the secrets to online that you weren't taught in school that will grow your business

Ready for a little clarity from the experts in their field NO COST??

Register for a 30 minute laser coaching webinar session designed to bring you closer to the answers in your business that you have been looking for.  

"You can lead a horse to water and you can't make him drink it. 

But with a great coach you can learn how to make him thirsty"

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