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Deciding what you want out of life

Have you ever thought about what you really want in life?

Big choices, quick decision making, a yes or a no, sometimes you’re not given the chance to say maybe. Right now, the world asks you to “answer fast” or else just move on. It’s like everything has to be done fast. You didn’t even get the chance to think–it’s like living in a pressure cooker. Do we really need to live like this? I hope you hear me out: you don’t need to feel scared to be left out.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to lose. It’s okay to just move on. Do not let this world eat you alive. Make your own opportunities. I don’t always know what I want, but I DO know that when I want something, I know how to get it. Nobody can make me do what I don’t wanna do. I fight and deal with depression the way I want to, I raise my child the way I want to, I live my life the way I want to. Just because everyone’s moving forward real fast–doesn’t mean you should be too. Don’t we just get one life? You know when someone gets married, there’s always a saying that “enjoy every moment of it cause it’s just one day” but how about in life? Don’t we just get one life? Some are given the second chance which is why they are grateful and living their lives to the fullest. Figure it out I am saying this because sometimes this is where all the negativity starts–depression among others. I am saying this cause somebody needs to hear it: It may not come from your parents because they might be adding to the pressure, but hey, there’s a bunch of people rallying behind you, rooting for you, telling you. It’s okay to fail, it’s okay if you’re having anxiety, it’s okay if you quit your first job, it’s okay not to get married yet, it’s okay to have your own life, it’s okay if you haven’t decided yet what you want it life! IT IS OKAY. It will come to you and if not; the universe will just figure it out for you. Age Yo might have heard this already but look: Stan Lee at 39, Vera Wang at 40, Martha Stewart at 40, Donald Fisher of Gap at 40 and if that’s not enough let’s add the famous Col. Sanders of KFC, 62. I know there’s always a Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Horowitz but, but didn’t they know what they actually want? Didn’t everything just fell into places while working hard? You might keep working hard; regardless of your age, and still don’t know what you want! Did Mark 100% knew this is what he wanted? No! Not to mention he has his own mentor Steve Jobs.

Success This is the most important part. Success doesn’t always mean you’re bathing in money–a lot of people sure do, but you make your own definition of SUCCESS. What is success for you? You can make your parents proud

because of how happy you are not by how much you earn, and that also depends on you. If they are not happy because you do not earn too much–even if you’re happy, then let your heart decide. It’s you living your life. You can be a homemaker, a business woman, or both, and call it a success. You can be anyone you want, and call yourself successful. As long as you are happy. Hope this comes in handy along the way!



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